The Mother Of Christ by Father Vassall-Phillips Part 46.


After the agony of the Three Days' Loss the Blessed Mother of God found her Child teaching amongst the doctors in the Temple. If great had been the sorrow of the Losing, great beyond doubt was the joy of the Finding. Her anxieties were laid at rest. Jesus was safe, and she had not been in any way to blame, for He had been about His Father's Business. Moreover, she saw Him teaching, instructing those learned in the Law, making all who heard Him marvel at His Wisdom and His answers. We know how amongst Orientals, especially amongst the Jews, no credit is given to youth, whilst the greatest respect is paid to age. In the East it is asked : How can the young know ? What experience can they have had ? How can they yet have acquired the ripe wisdom that only comes after the passage of much time ? We find St. Paul exhorting Timothy to " let no man despise thy youth," (i Tim. iv. 12.) when Timothy was at least forty years of age ! Yet these doctors, men, all of mature age, were hanging on the words of this Boy of twelve! Mary's soul was full of joy, as she " kept all His words in her heart." Full of joy was her soul, as she learned that He was to be with her once again, as Jesus went down to Nazareth with Mary and with Joseph, and was " subject to them." ( Luke ii.51.)