Mary Always Remembers You, By T.N. Jorgensen, S.J. Part 1.

GOOD morning, Mary!”

“Good morning, Mother!”

How often these words were repeated with love by Jesus and Joseph in Galilee. What joy it is to live with a perfect woman. “As the rising sun brings glory to the heavens, so does the beauty of a good woman bring glory to her house.” God has placed a good woman in His house on earth, the Church. Mary, Mother of the Church, dwells with us.
“Ave, Maria!” “Hail, Mary !”
How often through the centuries this greeting of Gabriel has been repeated. Millions of Aves daily give testimony that Mary still dwells with us. The simple act of greeting is an act of faith and hope and love all in one. It lifts our thoughts to heaven and the spiritual world, and brings God’s grace flowing into our souls.
But this greeting should be only the beginning of a new fullness of spiritual life. One does not say “hello” to a close friend and then ignore him for the rest of the time that they are together. Fortunately we can speak to Mary through our thoughts without forming any words with our tongue. This makes it possible to turn to her often to discuss our plans, hopes, and fears—while sitting in silence on a crowded bus or walking or waiting or resting.
The day is full of moments when we can whisper mentally, “Which way shall I do this work, Mary?” “How would you handle this problem?” “Bless this act that I may do your will in your way.” “Help me to act now as Jesus would act here.” This kind of living up to our belief in Mary’s presence and protection makes our earthly exile bearable and our salvation sure.


Without a friend at hand, our dearest delights pall quickly. With a charming and capable and loving friend to share our hours, time speeds along happily. True growth in grace brings many joys, one of which is a growing consciousness of the wonderful presence of Mary, the perfect friend.
Of course Mary is not present visibly, but that does not mean that she is not truly present. Our guardian angel is not present visibly; but if we have been devoted to him, we know of his constant care. God our Father is not present bodily, either here or in heaven, but no one is closer than He to the souls which He created and preserves and loves. When St. Teresa was in ecstasy, she was so intimately united to God that she could not distinguish for the moment which was God and which herself, but He was not visibly present. So visible presence is not necessary for the full, conscious presence of God; nor is it necessary for Mary, who through her special union with Him shares uniquely in His power.