Description Of The Virgin Mary By Epiphanius, Bishop Of Cyprus (Born about 320, died 404 a.d.)

THE moral character and the material disposition of her youthful form were, according to Epiphanius, in this wise : He says:—

She was grave and dignified in all her actions. She spoke little and only when it was necessary to do so. She listened readily and could be addressed easily. She paid honour and respect (i.e. she saluted) everyone. She was of middle stature, but some say that she was of more than middle height. She was wont to speak to every one fearlessly and clearly, without laughter, and without agitation, and she was specially slow to anger. Her complexion was of the colour of ripe wheat, and her hair was auburn (or reddish). Her eyes were bright and keen, and light brown in colour, and the pupils thereof were of an olive-green tint. Her eyebrows were arched (or semicircular) and deep black. Her nose was long, her lips were red and full, and overflowing with the sweetness of her words. Her face was not round, but somewhat oblong (i.e. oval). Her hand was long and her fingers were long. She was wholly free from all ostentatious pride, and she was simple, unpretentious, and inclined to excessive humility. She wore garments of natural colours (i.e. undyed homespun), and was content with them, a fact which is even now proved by her holy head-cloth. And to sum up, she was filled with divine grace in all her ways.

(Legends of Our Lady Mary the perpetual virgin and her mother Hannâ)