Mary Always Remembers You, By T.N. Jorgensen, S.J. Part 3.


She has exceptional knowledge of each of us because of her special fullness of the beatific vision. This vision reveals to each one of the blessed whatever they need to know to make their heavenly happiness perfect. Through Mary’s union with God as His Mother, through her place in the Incarnation and Redemption, and through her position as Mediatrix of grace, she deserves and needs to know our lives fully if she is to fulfil all of her duties and desires adequately. God has made her our Queen and our Mother and gives her the fullness of knowledge which is needed to fulfil these offices becomingly.
Let us pause a moment to consider what the word “becomingly” means here. And what is said of it in regard to Mary’s knowledge holds, too, in regard to her power and love.
God might have become Mary’s son without consulting her, for He is absolute master of all others in all ways. But through Gabriel He told her His plans and asked and awaited her free consent before He assumed flesh of her flesh that with it He might redeem the world. At that time Mary was still a wayfarer on earth. Nevertheless, God treated her with love and consideration, filling her with an abundance of grace to understand and co-operate intelligently, freely, and lovingly in His great plan of redemption. The work of applying the fruits of the redemption continues, and Mary’s co-operation continues. Surely God grants as much consideration to the Queen of Heaven as He did to the girl of Galilee, and He still gives her grace to co-operate intelligently. A mother who spends the salary of her husband intelligently to run their mutual home must carefully consider all the needs, future as well as present, of each of her children. Mary, to be the perfect Mother of the Mystical Body of Christ and dispenser of His grace, needs to know immeasurably more about us than we, or our best friends, on earth can ever know.