Mary Always Remembers You, By T.N. Jorgensen, S.J. Part 7.


Of course we know all this through faith and not through vision. But we live by faith habitually; it is natural and easy for us. We have a human faith when we believe and rely upon others around us, as we have to do constantly through every day. And faith in God and in God’s words and plans is far safer; indeed, it is absolutely certain since we know that He has never deceived or been deceived. As the pope’s Assumption prayer reminds us, we are “inspired by the certainty” that Mary’s eyes are turned toward us. We are taught by God’s own Church that we can turn to Mary at any time of the day or night, knowing that she hears our prayer instantly and has the power and love to grant us the answer that will be the best for us.
Faith is a very important virtue, for it opens the door to a new and wonderful world. Through faith we know many things about God and heaven and our souls that are far beyond the dim light of reason. And every article of faith taught by the Church has God’s guarantee, for Christ has promised to be “with it all days” to protect it from error.