Mary Always Remembers You, By T.N. Jorgensen, S.J. Part 9.


Suppose we go through the Joyful Mysteries of the Rosary with the thought of our consecration in mind to see how the two work together.

THE ANNUNCIATION. God willingly becomes Mary’s son forever. By our consecration we, too, willingly choose Mary for our Mother forever. Our act so closely imitates God’s example at the Incarnation that St. Louis de Montfort chooses the Annunciation feast as the best day of the year for making, or formally renewing, our complete consecration to Mary.

THE VISITATION. Now that God is Mary’s son, He works with her and through her. He wishes to visit John the Baptist and inspires Mary to carry Him there. It is at Mary’s salutation that Christ purifies John of original sin and gives Elizabeth the gift of prophecy. After our consecration we, like Christ, perform all our works, especially our apostolic ones, with and through Mary.

THE NATIVITY. Before the Incarnation, Mary loved God as her God. Now a new note has been added to her love as she feeds, clothes, and bathes the divine Infant. She loves Him as her God; she loves Him also as her son. After our consecration there is a new fullness of love for us in Mary’s heart. The tender care which she showed for Christ in Bethlehem is renewed again as she fosters the same Christ-life in each of us who has followed His example and lovingly surrendered ourselves wholly to her.

THE PRESENTATION. The Second Person of the Trinity gave Himself to Mary as her child that she might offer Him to the Father. We give ourselves to her for exactly the same reason. Mary offers us, her other children, to the Father. God blesses our works more abundantly henceforth because they come to Him through Mary and in union with the works of Christ.
* The article entitled “Know Your Mother Better,” by Stanley Mathews, S.M. (n. 26. Marian Reprints, Marian Library, University of Dayton, Dayton, Ohio), gives and discusses an exceptionally fine list of Marian books.

THE FINDING IN THE TEMPLE. Mary was unhappy without Christ and sought Him until she found Him. She will guide us to the same goal, leading us to search until our hearts rest in God who alone can satisfy them. It was her duty and honour and pleasure to watch faithfully over the Christ Child; it is her duty and honour and pleasure now to watch as faithfully over us. She will seek us with eager love if we ever go astray. In watching over us she is indeed finding and fostering the Christ-life again in each of us.