The Mother Of Christ by Father Vassall-Phillips Part 107.

Mary's Son leads us to His Father, who is our Father too, until at length we find our.home in our Father's house, where there is room, with Christ, not only for Mary Most Holy, not only for His great Saints, but also for us, since in that Father's House there are many Mansions, and there our Brother has prepared a place even for us. Then we shall see Him as He is. But for a while ofttimes we find ourselves fainting by the way, exiles in this valley of tears. Let us then pray much to Mary, our most gentle and loving Advocate with her Divine Son.

Should these pages fall under the eyes of some devout Christian, not yet a Catholic, who may feel that I place Mary where he places Christ, I would implore him to consider. Is it not that he places Christ in too low a sphere, rather than that we ascribe too high an office to His Mother ? Our Lord Jesus Christ is not a Saint, as is His Mother, albeit their Queen. He is God, made Man for love of us, but still the Lord our God. I do not think that there is danger lest any Catholic should dream that the Blessed Virgin is more merciful than God, the Fount of Mercy; I am sure that there is real danger lest some Protestants should fancy that the Incarnate Son is more merciful than the Father of Mercies and Infinite Compassion.