The Mother Of Christ by Father Vassall-Phillips Part 116.

At the end of his sermon on the vision in the Apocalypse of the Woman who appeared as a Wonder in Heaven, which he applies to Mary, St. Bernard prayed as follows:

"Thou art full of grace, O Mother of Mercy ! Thou art filled with the dew from heaven, leaning upon the Beloved, overflowing with delights ! Give food to us this day, to us thy poor servants, O Lady. Let the whelps too eat of the crumbs [that fall from thy table]. And give not water from thy overflowing pitcher to Abraham's steward alone, but even to the camels [that is to us]. For thou in truth art the Maiden chosen and made ready for the Son of the Most High, who is God over all Blessed for ever."

Rachel won the heart of Jacob, as Mary won the Heart of God. Two sons were given her, Joseph, and, after many years, Benjamin. Joseph, who was sold into captivity by his brethren but afterwards became the saviour of his people, is one of the principal types of Christ the Saviour, who was sold for thirty pieces of silver. When Joseph was born, Rachel's heart was gladdened, but she suffered much at the birth of Benjamin, whom she called Benoni, which means son of my pain. Thus also Mary rejoiced with great joy at the painless Birth of Jesus Christ, but her second child bearing was accomplished with sorrows beyond all thought. We are all Benoni, children of her pain.