Of certain Considerations as to Faith and Confidence in the Prayers of the Virgin Mary.

IF you would have recourse to the prayers of the Blessed Virgin with confidence, you may encourage yourself by the following considerations. First, every one knows by experience that a vessel which has contained musk or any other precious perfume, retains the odor of it after it has been removed; and the longer the perfume has been in the vessel, the longer does the fragrance linger about it, and this is more the case when some of the liquid itself still remains. But the virtue of the musk, or of any other perfume, is limited and finite. Now, if this be so, with what a glow of charity, with what a richness of tenderness and pity, must the heart of Mary have been kindled and filled! For nine months did she carry in her virginal womb Him Who is essentially Love, Mercy and Pity, and Who in an infinite manner possessed those attributes; and still in her heart and love does He ever abide. If he who comes near to a great fire cannot but feel a portion of its heat; much more, shall we not, as we contemplate that fire of charity, mercy and pity which glowed in Mary, be conscious of some effluence of its rays, enkindling and elevating our spiritual life; and this the more, the oftener we draw near, and the greater the faith and confidence with which we ask that her prayers may be granted to us. Secondly, no created being ever loved Jesus Christ so ardently as she did, nor was there ever any one who was so perfectly conformed to His Will as His most holy Mother. If then the Son of God, Who gave His whole Life and Himself for us, to redeem us from our sins, has made His Mother in a way to become the mother of all who share His nature, that she beneath Himself may have our interests at heart, and that she may aid us with her prayers, how can we doubt, if this be so, but that she fulfils His purposes in her with regard to us? Therefore we may confidently ask that her prayers may be vouchsafed to us in all our needs, for this belief is very blessed; as she may obtain for us many gifts of grace and mercy.

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