The Mother Of Christ by Father Vassall-Phillips Part 164.

Our last story from this period may be taken from the Dialogues of St. Gregory the Great.

"Nor do I pass over in silence what the same servant of God, Probus, used to relate about his sister, a little girl named Musa, how that one night the Holy Mother of God and ever-Virgin Mary appeared to her in a vision, and showed her some young girls of her own age in white a little girl garments. And as Musa was wishing to be with them yet ventured not to join them, she was asked, through the voice of the Blessed Mary, whether she desired to be with them and to live in her service. And when the little girl said to our Lady, 'I do wish it,' she at once received a command from her, not any more to do anything frivolous and childish, and to abstain from giddiness and jokes; and was told for certain that she would enter into the Blessed Virgin's service, to be of the number of virgins she had seen, on the thirteenth day. After this vision the girl Musa became changed in her whole conduct, and put away from her all childish levity by great efforts of gravity. Now when her parents, marvelling at the change, questioned her on the matter, she told them that which the Mother of God had enjoined upon her, and the day she was to go to her service. Then after the twenty-fifth day she was taken ill with fever. And on the thirteenth day, when the hour of her departure drew nigh, she beheld the same Blessed Mother of God, with the young girls whom she had seen in the vision, come towards her. On our Lady now calling her, she began to answer, and with her eyes modestly cast down and a very gentle voice, to cry: ' Behold, O Lady, I come. Now, O Lady, I come.' And with these words, she gave up the ghost, and her soul went forth from her virgin body to dwell with the holy virgins in heaven.