The Mother Of Christ by Father Vassall-Phillips Part 178.

As in the natural order, children are taught by an instinct that comes from their Creator to run to their mother in all their troubles and necessities, so is it in the order which is supernatural. The impulse that sends Christians to the feet of their mother Mary is a gift from God. The Church, by the encouragement she gives throughout the world to devotion to our Blessed Lady, would have us understand that in this matter our hearts do not lead us astray, but that the voice which whispers to our soul that it should fly in every need to the protection of the Holy Mother of God is a message from our Lord to which we should always yield with gladness—an inspiration from on high, to which we should ever be most careful to give ear.

We believe in the Communion of Saints. To the possibilities of this communion there are no limits. It may be daily, hourly—it may take place every minute of the hour—it may be habitual and unbroken. We do not see our Lady, but we can speak to her when we will. Surely, then, we should exercise this great privilege, and should pray to the Holy Mother of God regularly, frequently, tenderly—above all trustfully, as children may always speak without fear to the best of mothers.