The Mother Of Christ by Father Vassall-Phillips Part 181.

The recitation of the rosary is a devotion specially dear to the aged. There is no sight more pleasant than to observe old people lingeringly and lovingly saying their beads. Happy we, should we live to an age when active occupation is no longer possible— when we are well-nigh tired out with life, when even reading has lost its interest, or perhaps we have become too blind to read at all—if we can make the long hours seem short by saying the rosary again and again, keeping our minds fixed on the simple mysteries of the Gospel of Christ—upon which all our hopes depend—whilst the Hail Marys fall from our lips, to mount like incense before the Throne of God. But this habit, like all other habits, can only be formed by frequent acts which, when the habit has been once formed, will become easy and pleasurable. Those who neglect to say the rosary in the amplitude of the days of their strength and vigour, can hardly look forward to the enjoyment of its consolations in the eventide of declining years.