The Mother Of Christ by Father Vassall-Phillips Part 184.

This is the meaning of the devotion preached by Blessed Grignon de Montfort, which many souls find a great aid to sanctification. The formula earnestly inculcated by Blessed Grignon de Montfort runs thus: " All for Jesus through Mary, all by Mary for Jesus." It consists in expressly begging our Lady to take charge of all that we do—in a certain sense to do it for us. Has a man who practises this devotion a difficult work to perform, he will be wonderfully at peace. He will take all natural means open to him to prepare himself for his task—this he knows is God's Will. But when all his preparation is finished he will be at rest. He has placed everything in our Lady's hands, asking her to take his place and act in his stead. This devotion, which (if we feel so drawn) we may practise in all our actions, seems peculiarly appropriate when we are going to Holy Communion. Conscious of our own manifold unworthiness, we turn to the Virgin-Mother, now reigning with her Son in Heaven, who, living once on earth, was as worthy as creature may be to receive her Lord, and beg her to supply our needs. To our Lord we offer His Mother's love, to our mother we cry, praying her to offer our poor hearts, hidden in her sinless heart, to the Author of all purity who alone can cleanse and make us whole.