The Mother Of Christ by Father Vassall-Phillips Part 194.

And when the reality comes, and we are bidding our last farewell to this land of shadows, when we know that soon we shall pass into the Presence of our Judge — oh then, the prayer that has fallen from our lips tens of thousands of times during life will surely be heard. Mary, Mother of God, will pray for us poor sinners in that dread hour. The Saints have often seen her before they passed away. Madonna Mia —" Oh, my dear Lady," exclaimed St. Philip Neri as he saw her by his side. Such a vision of beauty may not be granted to us here below. But one day we shall see her in the Paradise of God. Then at last will Mary show unto us the Blessed Fruit of her womb, Jesus. She will be to us Felix cæli porta —the gate of a glad eternity. Then at last all shall be fulfilled—the aspirations of all our years shall at length be satisfied —weariness shall be past and the struggle and the loneliness—when the veil shall be lifted, when together with Mary our mother, we behold the Face of her Son.

And through Eternity we shall thank our Lord that He has taught us to love and to trust the Mother who is so dear to His Sacred Heart, the Mother whom in His Mercy He has given us to be our mother too, Mary Most Holy—the gentle mother of sinful men—the Great Mother of the Everlasting God.