Mary Always Remembers You, By T.N. Jorgensen, S.J. Part 6.


God the Father loves us beyond our comprehension; His greatest manifestation of this love is the bloody sacrifice of His eternal Son on Calvary for our salvation. Mary offered the same Son to the same death for the same intention at the same hour. She was wholly at one with her Son in making this tremendous sacrifice for us. She did this when she was still a wayfarer on earth. Now that she is confirmed in grace in an added way by the beatific vision, she loves us no less. It belittles her love for Christ to think that she would hesitate to give us anything else that would help us after she has given us Christ, and after she has formed Christ again in the soul of each of us.
At every moment there are souls who reject Mary’s loving help; we can atone for these insults to our Mother by offering to her the work, the worry, the weariness of every hour with patient, even joyful, abandonment to her care. We will never be sinful or fearful or lonely or selfish or sad when we vividly recall that the wonderful Mary walks with us at every step we take. Nor will that sense of futility which burdens many today have any place in the heart of one who remembers that his every action is blessed by her powerful love and grace.
God wishes us to discover Mary as fully as we can. He became incarnate not only to redeem us and show us His love, but also to give us an example. And at the very moment of the Incarnation He gave us the example of complete union with Mary. He placed Himself and His work as fully in her trust as He could. The beautiful Marian road to heaven was conceived and built and blessed by God Himself. The best way of discovering His abiding presence is by discovering Mary’s. He comes to each soul through her.