The Five First Saturdays and Reparation to The Immaculate Heart Of Mary by L. F. Harvey. Part 2

Let us consider some of the visits, which Our Lady has made to this world within the last Century and a quarter. Let us see how often She appeared SAD, and how frequently She WEPT! And let us remember that She came to warn us, and the tears were because of the terrible sufferings to come upon us, which we could have avoided, and still can avoid, if only we had, or will, pay attention to Her warnings and requests.

At La Salette, in France in 1846, Our Lady appeared to some children and complained bitterly of the carelessness and sinfulness of the Catholics. She demanded Penance and Prayer, She demanded REPARATION, in order that we might be spared the terrible punishments of God, which are to come upon us if we do not OBEY HER.
All the time that Our Lady was speaking, SHE WAS CRYING, tears were pouring down Her face, the most beautiful face in all creation, next to that of Her own Divine Son.
Later, again, in 1858, Our Lady came once more to warn us and to demand the same REPARATION.
This time it was again in France, that «Elder daughter of the Church», which has so often been visited by, and honoured by, the Heavenly Queen. This time it was at Lourdes, in the Mountains in the South of France.
Eighteen times Our Lady spoke to little Bernadette, demanding PENANCE, HUMILITY, AND the ROSARY OF REPARATION.
Our Lady's warnings were terrible; Her grief for the sinful world was tremendous !
A third time in France, in 1871, Our Lady came again, during the War between France and Germany, and again She spoke to children in a little, then unknown, place named Pontmain.
See how often Our Lady has chosen LITTLE CHILDREN to be Her Messengers, and to spread in the world Her tremendous messages! «Unless you become like little children you shall not enter into the Kingdom of Heaven !»
This time, when speaking, Our Lady was INEFFABLY SAD», — during a part of the interview, and She held a Blood Red Crucifix.
Again and again Our Mother comes to save us from the wrath of God, Whose avenging Arm, She says, She «cannot longer withhold!»; It is «so strong, so heavy».
Still She comes to call us to our senses! Still Our Mother weeps!

Still She shows us Her Immaculate Heart!

Once again Our Lady came, riding upon the clouds, surrounded by a cloud, and speeding down to Earth to warn us that the terrible results of our sins and of our neglect of God, were about to fall upon us more
heavily than ever, in the form of Diabolic, Anti-God Communism.
Our Lady came to Fatima just about one month before that flood of bestial cruelty, more bestial than that of the cruellest of all the savage beasts themselves, that ocean of hate against the God of Love, burst in overwhelming torrents upon the world!

The Holy Mother came in the middle of the scourge of the 2nd World-War, a war in which millions of bodies and houses were being destroyed, millions of homes were being broken, millions of souls were being destroyed, a war in which children and grown-ups were being taught to hate their neighbour, together with all the paralysing evils that always accompany wars, especially modern wars! In the midst of all this, Our Lady PROMISED PEACE, that peace for which the whole world is still longing, if we FULFILLED the CONDITIONS, which She then laid down.

The world did not, and has not, fulfilled the conditions, and so the world has been reduced to the condition in which it finds itself today!
Our Lady demanded REPARATION, and by way of doing this She demanded that we should all do our DUTY to GOD, and our DUTY to our NEIGHBOUR-as well as we can; added to this Our Lady demanded that we should all accept whatever God may choose to send us, or, allow us to suffer, in this life, by way of PENANCE.
In addition, God's Mother, and Our Mother, told us to say the ROSARY EVERY DAY; and, thirdly, told us that we must all be CONSECRATED TO HER IMMACULATE HEART.
That is the ESSENCE of the MESSAGE OF FATIMA. During the last Apparitions, on October 13. 1917, Our Lady showed Herself as the Mother, Who was swamped in an ocean of suffering all through Her life. The Mother of Sorrows, Whose pains were caused by the sins of the world, by OUR private SINS.

The appearances of Our Lady at Fatima, in 1917, were some of the greatest and the most important in the whole history of the world !


Soon Our Lady came again to warn us, this time it was at Beauraing, in Belgium, in 1932. Here, again, Our Lady spoke to children and, as at La Salette, golden rays were shining round Her Heart. Golden rays of HOPE, for it is through that same Immaculate Heart that this world is to find PEACE, because it was revealed to little Jacinta of Fatima that God will give peace to the World THROUGH THE IMMACULATE HEART OF MARY.
At Fatima Our Lady showed Her Heart surrounded with thorns which, She said, represented our sins and our blasphemies; and She insisted that love for HER IMMACULATE HEART MUST be spread throughout the world, in order to obtain the destruction of the Devil's work and for the eventual triumph of right.


When Lucy, the eldest of the Seers of Fatima who is now a Carmelite Nun, asked Our Lady if the other two AND herself would soon go to Heaven, Our Lady answered that the other two would soon go, but that Lucy would not go yet, because God wanted her to stay on earth, in order to SPREAD THROUGHOUT THE WORLD LOVE FOR HER IMMACULATE HEART.
That is the immense vocation given to Lucy, and that ought to be a work, which each one of us should do with all our power, BECAUSE IT IS OUR LADY'S WISH, and what Our Lady wishes should be binding upon Her Children.

«If you love Me, keep My commandments!» That is the sign, and the proof of our love! If we do not do what the Loved one tells us then we DO NOT LOVE Him, or, Her, however much we may say, or sing, that we do !
Still more recently Our Lady of the Immaculate Heart has shown Her grief, in the little Statue, at Syracuse, which shed what appeared to be human tears. This has been authenticated also, and a huge Church is to be built.
These visits are enough to show the immense importance that Our Lord, and consequently Our Lady, places upon the NECESSITY of IMMEDIATE REPARATION.

We know that Our Lady can no longer suffer in Heaven, but She knows that we are only human, and She gives us visions that we can understand, and which can touch our hearts, unless they have become like stone or ice, through our neglect of God and all Spiritual things.
Time after time Our Lady has shown Herself in recent years, and has tried to make us feel some tiny bit of the unspeakable grief and sorrow that Her Divine Son and Herself felt on Earth all through Their lives, and especially during the Passion and Death of Our Lord.

Grief, this was, which was caused by the knowledge of all the sins, and coldness and hatred, which we in the world should give Them in return for that Sea of Suffering !
Let us remember the untold Sorrows of the Queen of Sorrows, the Queen of Martyrs, when She was on Earth! Let us remember the many times that Our Loving Mother has shown us tears and sadness in very recent visions !
Then let us DETERMINE, here and now, to give ourselves up to a LIFE OF REPARATION !
No ! This is not frightening ! This will be VERY SIMPLE AND VERY EASY, IF only we will do as She has asked and if we rely on Her and ACCEPT HER HELP!
St Louis Grignon de Montfort, that great and simple lover of Our Lady, tells us that if we will only give ourselves to Her, She will so soften our Crosses that they will become much more easy to bear.

It is the Mother of Divine Wisdom, no less than that, Who has warned us !


«What the eye does not see, the heart does not grieve over !» «Out of sight out of mind !»
Here are two old sayings, which apply very fittingly to a vast number of people in the world today.
The love of so many for God and the things of God has grown so terribly, terribly COLD, to a great extent through the pleasure-loving materialism of our day.
It is part of the policy of the Devil and his followers to encourage this blind foolishness on the part of his victims. So many victims are walking straight to the scaffold, of their own making, with their eyes blindfolded!
If people are always occupied with their own personal affairs, with their pleasures, with sport and entertainment, and the like, they are not going to be bothered about what is happening in the background, or what overwhelming dangers overhang their lives, and threaten the very occupations that they are so busily engaged in! They feel that the present occupations are «sufficient for the day», foolish and selfish argument though it may be !

This attitude suits the Devil and his friends absolutely, because they have their future victims mesmerised into a state in which they can be more easily destroyed — in which in fact they can destroy themselves. Those who have eyes open have seen this in recent history.
This is what is happening, now, in the middle of the 20th Century, and it needs an immense shock to rouse people out of their lethargy.
For years now Our Lady has been trying to rouse us into saving action, and at Fatima, at least, She worked one world-shaking Miracle, when She hurled the Sun towards the Earth, and petrified with fear, not only the 70,000 people on the spot, who saw it in the Cova da Iria, but many other people also, who saw that Miracle, miles and miles away !
That shock brought many souls to their knees, to their senses and to their Confessions, but—«What the eye does not see the heart does not grieve over», and the majority of the people in the world did not see that frightening event and consequently did not, and do not, grieve.

Nevertheless many millions of people have suffered, and are suffering now, from the neglect of that warning, and if only we could bring ourselves to realise but a tiny fraction of their sufferings, then it might, by the grace of God, give us that shock, which we so desperately need!
Let us go, at least in thought, to the very numerous Concentration Camps in Communist countries, where millions of people of all ages and ranks of society are dying a slow and painful death.
Let us talk to anyone, who has escaped from any part of the Red Hell!
Let us read the books that have been written by THOSE WHO KNOW, such as «I chose Freedoms
Let us read authentic accounts of the terrible Torture - chambers, of the Lubianko Prison, in Moscow, and of many others in other places !
Let us read about the millions of homeless CHILDREN, wandering like packs of wolves, covered with Venereal diseases, such as we read about in the early days of Russian Communism, in Russia itself—against which Our Lady came to warn us !
Let us read of the starving women fighting for the horse manure in the streets to pick out the grains of corn, which the horses had not digested, to help to keep those same women from dying of starvation !
Let us remember the endless number of people, who have disappeared suddenly, in the night as well as at other times, and who have never been heard of again!
Let us think of the hideous horrors of the two World Wars !
Let us think of the 1000's of prisoners, captured by the Russians in the last great war, who just «Disappeared»! Of those buried alive, or torn in pieces.

Many, many more terrible things could be said, unfortunately, but perhaps with the grace of God these horrors will be enough to make men, and women, stop and think — and then act !
There will be many, very many people, who will scoff, and jeer, and sneer at all this, and will say — «What absolute nonsense ! The man's a fool, who talks like that! He is just an alarmist!»
Nay, listen ! «A fool is ever right in his own thinking; the wise LISTEN to advice !» Proverbs. XII. 15. The fool is the one who says «There is no God !»

The fool is the one, who refuses to be warned by incontrovertible facts !
The fool is the one who throws away the lifebelt when he is drowning !
The fool is the one, who will not listen to the warnings of God and His Holy Mother, when They demand REPARATION !
These are the real fools ! «Oh, ye fools, when will you understand !»
For those who live far away from the countries where these unspeakable brutalities take place, and for those who cannot imagine that such diabolic cruelty can exist in the hearts of human beings, it must be very difficult to grasp the truth.
For those, however, who have come into direct contact with some of those human wrecks, who have been able escape from that inhuman, diabolic treatment received in those countries where the inhuman, Anti-Christian, Anti-God, Atheistic Materialism of Communism, and its satanic brood, hold power—for them it is easy to grasp something of the TERROR.
Those, who have come across the hunted, frightened Refugees from that infernal Hell, can feel something of the terror and the diabolic power, which only God and His Most Holy Mother can save us, and our dear loved ones, from experiencing and suffering also !
Oh, dear Outcast God, take care of the hunted, outcast people of today, and SPARE US ALL !
Oh, dear loving Mother, Who wast driven away by men when Your time was drawing near, Who wast afterwards hunted by Herod, as You fled into Egypt, have pity on all homeless Waifs, and fold them to Your Immaculate Heart. Oh Dear Mother of the Infant Jesus have pity on the little children, and on the little babies, so grievously sinned against !

Oh ! God of Truth and Light and Wisdom and Understanding, open the eyes of all of us, who cannot— or will not — see the terrible disasters which lie ahead of all of us, unless we obey Our Lady and make REPARATION NOW !


Since Our Lady came to Fatima, 41 years have passed; forty one years in which the Devil and all his hordes have been very busy trying to keep the Message of Fatima from being spread, and from being grasped, lest people should obey Our Lady and so save themselves, and help to save the world.

The Devil wants the damnation of souls — not their salvation !
For many, many years the Message of Fatima was never heard of, except by a few !
For many years there has been a fogginess, an uncertainty and a muddled idea of the real meaning of the Message.
Many of the devotees of Fatima have not even been clear themselves !
It is also well known by many, who have themselves experienced them, the great and typical difficulties, and dangers that are put in the way of people, who want to eo to Fatima !
To those, who are willing to see, it is quite evident that the cloven hoof of the Prince of Darkness has been, and still is, fighting hard and fuming against Our Lady of Light!
We will now try to make Our Lady's demands quite clear, and show how SIMPLE they are.
One of the «Hallmarks» of Fatima is SIMPLICITY !
The demands of Our Lady

During the course of Her visits to Fatima, in 1917, Our Lady made THREE DEMANDS.